About Sarah

Sarah Chapman is London's most sought-after facialist. With advanced training in cosmetic science, Sarah delivers highly effective treatments and products - founded on cutting-edge research.

Sarah Chapman, global beauty influencer and the founder of Sarah Chapman Skinesis®, is one of the most respected and sought- after experts in the beauty industry by clients and industry insiders alike.

Driven by cutting-edge research for the best results

Sarah’s treatments and products are renowned for delivering simply outstanding results. Known as much for her extensive knowledge of cosmetic science as for her love of all things beauty, Sarah has driven her expertise and experience into her highly sophisticated treatments - reinforced by her innovative, award-winning Skinesis® product line which enable you to achieve the legendary Skinesis® glow at home.

Skinesis® is the distillation of her industry knowledge gathered for more than 20 years and is based on the best research and development available in dermatology today.

 “A fount of all things beautifying, she is an excellent mix of cosmetics junkie and no-baloney-accepted-here sceptic; reassuringly she believes in science as much as she does in luxury.”

The Times

Global acclaim

Sarah’s chic Skinesis® clinic in London’s Chelsea has become the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of perfect skin. Sarah uses her extensive knowledge to deliver highly effective bespoke treatments always tailored precisely to the needs of each individual at the time of their visit.

Combining Sarah’s distinctive signature ‘gymnastic’ massage techniques with state-of-the-art technology and potent cosmeceutical products, her facials are celebrated for the way they leave skin glowing with gorgeous, youthful radiance.

“Chapman is responsible for the complexion of wealthy women in the know, the sort of women who have dermatologists in every port… Chapman’s hands are exceptional. So much so, in fact that they’re now insured for £1million.”

The Times

From Face to Formula

"As both a facialist and a highly trained cosmetic scientist, my mission is to create truly innovative skincare that delivers beautifully healthy, radiant skin,” says Sarah. “With my team of industry experts, I developed the Skinesis® line after many years in my clinic experiencing how skin reacts to product and to movement. Always working with my clients’ skin in mind, using the most advanced technology possible I developed my powerful, results-driven formulas to build on the results I achieve in clinic and to help my clients achieve that wonderful glow at home.”

Ever the innovator, Sarah’s range is constantly evolving, always with the aim of delivering radiant, healthy skin for everyone.

“Sarah’s on a mission to make us all look more youthful. She may actually be magic.”



The winner of many industry accolades, Skinesis® was awarded Best New Prestige Skincare Brand at The CEW Awards and now appears in the much-revered Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, an inclusion that displays the range’s dedicated following amongst beauty business insiders and real women alike. Sarah has also been awarded the Best Anti-Ageing Facialist  by Harpers Bazaar 2015 and CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) Achiever 2016.

“Skinesis® has been born out of my belief, my expertise and my vision. Now, I can share with you my passion and my knowledge and bring you all the benefits of my skincare secrets.”

“Her passion, intelligence and charisma has established her as a leading figure in the beauty industry and creator of truly transformative products with her Skinesis® skincare line.”